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We work efficiently with the great bulk of services and create the top-notch digital products.

Only modern and most effective methods for promoting your sites in search engines, individual strategies for each client. Social media plays an important role in driving traffic to your site.

We provide the best front-end development strategies based on the individual preferences of each client.

We promote your business on Yelp search, we bring it to a top position by key phrases, we increase the number of orders from Yelp.

We use all the methods, means and activities that allow notifying many people, attracting the attention of potential customers to the company.

We will ensure the best interplay between the server, app, and database by applying modern back-end development.

We provide consultations on the business management on Yelp and promotion your services on the platform.


Spike Ideas: Who We Are

Spike Ideas is an experienced team of clever and inventive web developers and designers. Today, after 10+ years of agency history, we can surely say we are able to put into practice even the most ambitious and challenging projects. We are not afraid of weird and complicated orders. We can create eye-catching websites or design effective web applications, develop business strategies, increase sales, and promote your brand.

The mission of Spike Ideas

Our mission is to create all conditions for the development of an Internet project. We are able to solve all tasks that our clients set for us based on many years of experience and applying the latest digital technology.

2017 - establishment of Branding team

We set up our brand with an irresistible desire to create high-quality and competitive products. At those times, web development was not so advanced as it’s nowadays. We faced such problems as choosing the right tools and technologies, technical upgrading, and client’s vase widening.

Let’s be honest, not all of our initial projects were less successful than hoped. It gave us a chance to learn from our own mistakes and to gain precious experience. The eventual results were exciting – we improved our skills and deepened knowledge. The number of satisfied clients began to rise.

2018 - opening of a branch in Los Angeles

Thanks to the hard work and constantly developing, we managed to accomplish something unimaginable. Only in two years, we opened a representative office in Los Angeles. Our creativity, flexibility, and skillfulness allow us to remain a successful web development agency with a good reputation and many satisfied clients. We are always in the move and do our best to provide your customers with top-notch web design and web applications.


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Branded ecommerce
Digital Experiences
Branding Strategy

Pixie & Pack

Branded ecommerce, Digital Experiences

Open Data TV

Branded ecommerce, Digital Experiences

Wyoming Agency

Branded ecommerce, Digital Experiences

Socrata Book Store

Branding Strategy, Digital Experiences

Weider Estore

Branding Strategy, Digital Experiences

Quantum Web

Branding Strategy, Digital Experiences

Core Values

We stand for fair play and unique ideas.

The main principles of our working strategy are based on including the following:

  • Only unique ideas. We are strongly against plagiarism. Every project is done from scratch;
  • We have great respect for each of our customers. We take into account your wishes, needs, and desires when working on the project;
  • Compliances with deadlines. Time is money. You get the ready order as soon as possible.
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Yelp SEO Projects
SEO Projects
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happy clients
Yelp SEO Projects
SEO Projects
e-stores maintained


People Say About Us

We value every feedback from our clients and we with pleasure publish them online.

“The service was excellent. My project has been completed in time and on the highest level.”

Jhon Doe
Regular Customer

“Thank you, guys! I’m very satisfied with your work. I’m going to return to you with my next idea.”

Merry Green
Regular Customer

“Upmine team is awesome! Their creative ideas were perfectly implemented. I’m very pleased!”

Jhon Wick
Regular Customer

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