How to Pay Yelp Less

What is Yelp or other similar platforms? First of all, it’s a commercial project that should be profitable for its creators and investors. Advertising is very expensive and may take up to 10-35% of the company’s profits depending on industry and location. And you shouldn’t blame anyone in it. If someone doesn’t want to use an ad – let him or her not use it. The rules seem to be similar to everyone, yet, that’s not quite true.

Let’s see why someone gets more leads while others get fewer leads for the same money in the same industry and location. Some companies of small businesses can spend up to 50% of their profits on advertising campaigns, getting, however, not enough leads and customers for prosperity.

Everything is quite banal and depends on your ranking in Yelp. The first page receives up to 70-80% of the attention of potential customers. It means that you can rely only on advertising even if you are on the 2nd or 3rd SERPs.

On this basis, many are asking how to get on the first search page. The answer is quite clear: there is a definite Yelp SERP algorithm and there is nothing mystical about it. Many people are sure that the key element of the Yelp optimization is the number of reviews on your account – the more of them, the better. People write fake reviews and then they are pretty upset that their fake review is filtered out to the not recommended along with a few real reviews. You can see it by yourself that on the first pages, there are “Mastodons” with hundreds of reviews alongside with rather young companies that have significantly fewer reviews. Speaking about our company, we have never been written any fake reviews for any client for all time although all our customers are the top listing.

Far-off tales and children’s stories, that’s all that is, you may say. You can tell that it’s impossible to cope without an appropriate advertising budget. Partially, I can even agree with you. Yet, one and the same money advertising can have completely different results.

The conclusion is very simple – it’s worth optimizing the Yelp account. You can do it by yourself or trust experts for this issue as your clients trust you. The main thing is to provide your clients with high-quality services in order to have good ratings and a perfect reputation!

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