Pros and cons of business registration on Yelp

Tens of millions of people trust Yelp and use it to search for services and establishments. Yelp gathered a special community around its site. Tens of thousands of companies and businesses of various categories have been added to Yelp. However in reality, everything is not as simple as it seems at first glance, the disputes between small business owners and Yelp do not calm down. Of course, it’s up to you to decide whether to register your business on Yelp. We must consider the positive and negative points of creating your business page on Yelp.

First, we will highlight the advantages and positive points that you can get by registering your business on the site:

  • Mostly qualitative leads. It is impossible to deny that Yelp is a good source of clients, people who have found you on Yelp will be initially positive towards your company.
  • Increase confidence in your business. On Yelp you have your own business page with photos, description of services and prices, and most importantly your business will have a rating and customers` reviews.
  • Ability to get a customer feedback. These reviews can be used on your website, for example. And of course the opinion of your customers will help you to become better.
  • Ability to interact with potential customers. You can respond to messages and calls from potential customers, upload photos of your business and talk about your company, as well as respond to your customers’ reviews.

Let’s look at the cons of doing business on Yelp, what you need to know before deciding to create your own business page:

  • To receive calls and quotes you will have to pay. Yelp advertisement is not cheap so you will have to pay a lot. But even then everything is not so simple, the budget of your advertising company will not be spent as efficiently as it could, and some of the quotes will be fake.
  • Bad reviews. Your customers will get an excellent opportunity to leave bad reviews, and there are times when customers lure a discount for a good review. And of course your competitors will get a good source of influence on your company.
  • Hiding reviews by Yelp. Even if all your reviews are 100% real, they will still fly away from those not recommended, maybe not immediately, but in a month or several. Many good words from your customers will get the status of not recommended and nothing can be done about it.
  • Unstable Yelp, new ranking methods or a company ban. Your business may be in the top ten, and in a couple of hours fly to page 50 of the issue. Tomorrow Yelp for some reason will ban the company’s page and you will not even know the reason. Many businesses that conducted their activities mainly through Yelp were forced to close companies or significantly reduce business.
  • Support service that does not know the answers. If you have ever called Yelp support service, then you know what this item is about. Support managers do not know the answers for most questions and cannot help.

To sum up starting your business on Yelp, you will encounter many difficulties. But it is impossible to deny that Yelp is a good source of potential customers and gives a lot of additional opportunities for your business.

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