Why does Yelp filter reviews?

It seems that every person understands how exactly reviews on Yelp affect the business. Your future customers always read reviews about you on Yelp. Yelp claims that every feedback is the most important factor of a company’s popularity on their site. In the course of our activities, we have repeatedly noticed that even those reviews that are 100% true and unique become as not recommended. Let’s take a closer look at why Yelp can filter feedback:

  1. User’s Yelp account uses suspicious IP addresses; account login is made from many different devices;
  2. The profile from which the review was written is not completed, has no friends or has just been created;
  3. Only positive reviews are written from this Yelp account;
  4. The review left by the company does not correspond to the subject of this business.

It should be noted that this is not all the parameters by which the review can be filtered by the Yelp platform. The response goes through several “waves of filtering”, the reason for getting a review under the filter may be because it is: useless, unoriginal, or ambivalent for customers. According to Yelp, they keep only the best reviews: personal, informative and useful to others.

One of the unexpected problems with the removing a review may be that the author simply deleted his review. You should always remember that the author can edit his reviews, change the number of stars or delete them.

Reviews that violate the terms of service Yelp

Yelp may remove reviews that violate their terms. There is no text and the number of stars. The reasons for deleting a review can be:

  • the review is written on behalf of other people, contains photos or personal information;
  • a review contains promotional materials;
  • the recall contains threats, hateful statements, it misleads people or contains slander;
  • a review traces a conflict of interest, written by a relative or person who is directly associated with the company;
  • a review is the intellectual property; it contains a trademark or violates a trade secret;
  • a review written or corrected for material gain.

Miracles happen!

Sometimes it happens that a review that came under the filter from those not recommended comes back. It happens that after the next “filtration wave”, the feedback is returned to its place, regardless of the number of stars assigned to it.

The business owner can respond to any feedback left on his page, indicate inaccuracies or express gratitude to the reviewer.

We can analyze for a long time, study the filtering filter of Yelp reviews, or try to find explanations for why a particular review went under the filter, but the exact reason for this cannot be established. It remains only to observe and take that absolutely any review can be filtered and this cannot be avoided.

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